Former Atlas Copco employee, Valere Maes starts his own company. The main focus in the early days is servicing and maintenance of stationary electrical compressors and compressed air installations. this period in history compressor installations are still dominated by reciprocating air compressors (large piston compressors.)

In this same year (1978) he gains the official and exclusive Ingersoll Rand dealership for stationary (electric) air compressors.


Monique van Meirhaeghe, Valere's wife joins the company to take on several responsibilities in purchase and administration as well as sales.


This year MAES Compressoren , as the company is called, starts its first rental activity of portable air compressors. mainly to give higher flexibility and peace of mind to the customers during maintenance work or installation overhauls.


The company keeps growing. In the year 1990 it has 3 employees.


This is a remarkable year. whem Valere's son, Filip, joins the company after his graduation as Industrial Engineer in electro machanics and Business Economics. Filip focusses mainly on the commercial side of the company


In 1996 Maes signes a contract as official Belgian dealership in portable compressors. The agreement is with Ingersoll Rand Construction and Mining group (CMG).


The company professionalises more and more. Not only focussing on repair and maintenance but on complete industrial turn key compressed air installations. As part of these turn key projects, the company installes kilometres op compressed air piping. Tradiotional galvanised steel piping and as one of the first to use SimplAir (TESEO) extruded aluminium high tech air piping.


Official Ingersoll Rand dealership for both stationary and portable air compressors in the East and West Flandres region in Belgium.


Start up of the used compressor sales and export activity. This is a necessaty because of the higher number of customers trading in there old machine for a new one. The "remarketing" initiative is born.


Maes compressoren counts 13 employees in their Deinze facility near Ghent, Belgium.


Official dealership for Ingersoll Rand power generation is effective.


The split of Maes Compressoren and the creation of an independant company focussing on second hand compressors as core business. The company is called MACHINERY RESALE bvba. A significant milestone in the world of used construction equipment sales.


Maes Compressoren full throttle and expanding to 25 employees


Investment partner to expand the company even further. Partners are GIMV and VECTIS.


Maes Compressoren enforces the management team with other professionals from the compressed air industry. It grows in the meanwhile to 30 people.
Filip Maes refocusses with his wife Sabine Beel to further build a worldwide used equipment enterprise. They bundle their knowledge and experience from the compressed air industry and combine this with management skills. To become the leading, reliable and independant supplier of used construction equipment.


Machinery Resale becomes special member of DUMA. Leading portal to Dutch exporters of used equipment and machinery www.usetec.nl
Machinery Resale exhibits on its first trade fair. This trade fair for used equipment and machinery takes place on 6-8 April 2011 in Cologne in Germany.

Machinery Resale starts up a dedicated international fleet of large portable air compressors to facilitate the rental industry throughout Europe. It is launched as MR Air Force


We haved moved all inventory to our new facilty in Waregem. More than 850 machine, 80 trucks in 2 weeks time