Looking for a grader? For sale at Machinery Resale!

With a grader from Machinery Resale, you can level your construction site in no time. Or you can use it to clear snow or to build roads. Most graders that we offer have already performed these tasks with flying colours. Even so, we always perform a thorough check before we put a motor grader up for sale.

Grader from Caterpillar and other top brands

Because the graders we have for sale are second hand, our assortment is changing constantly. We only select graders that are still in good condition, from brands such as Caterpillar, Champion, Volvo, etc. In this way we separate the wheat from the chaff and you don’t waste any time.

Worldwide delivery of your grader

Have you selected a grader? Just have it shipped, wherever in the world you work. We’ll even take care of all the administration for you. Nice and easy!

>Choose your grader from the for-sale section below.

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