About us

Machinery Resale, from Belgium, is a leading supplier of used construction equipment and provides interesting solutions for those who are in need of building site machinery: second hand compressors, wheel loaders, generators, excavators...
Virtually anything you can think of. With more than 1500 machines in stock and a worldwide delivery service,
Machinery Resale lives up to its status of premium supplier of used machinery.

Our vision:

  • Machinery Resale is a leading independent supplier of second hand construction and building site equipment with a worldwide delivery service.

Our mission:

  • We combine expertise in the areas of purchase, overhaul, transport and remarketing of second hand machines and offer a cost-effective solution to your construction machinery needs.
  • Our customers always come first.
  • We create an atmosphere of entrepreneurship and stimulate creativity on the work floor. The result is a rewarding partnership with each and every single one of our customers.

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