Payload [kg]


Hours (on hour meter)


Year: 2008
Hours (on hour meter): 14002

Price on request

Year: 2013
Hours (on hour meter): 2155

Price on request

Year: 2012
Hours (on hour meter): 2715

Price on request

Year: 2018

Price on request

Year: 2020
Hours (on hour meter): New / Unused

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Year: NEW
Hours (on hour meter): New / Unused

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Year: 2020
Hours (on hour meter): New / Unused

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Discover the Extensive Range of Dumpers at Machinery Resale

At Machinery Resale, we offer a wide range of used dumpers, each designed for specific purposes and working conditions in construction and mining. Our expertise allows us to provide machines that perfectly match your project needs and operational requirements.

Standard Dumpers: Versatility and Efficiency.

The standard dumper, usually equipped with four wheels and a forward tipping bucket, is one of the most versatile machines in our range. These vehicles are ideal for general construction and renovation work that requires transporting materials such as sand, gravel and earth over relatively level terrain.

Caterpillar dumpers: Excellence on rough terrain

Our track dumpers, equipped with tracks instead of wheels, are specially designed for rough, uneven or muddy terrain. These machines offer excellent traction and stability, making them particularly valuable for projects in forestry or on steep slopes.

Off Highway Trucks: For the Biggest Challenges

Off Highway Trucks, also known as off-road trucks, are rugged, large vehicles that can transport huge amounts of materials over unpaved roads. They are indispensable in mines and large-scale earthwork projects thanks to their high load capacity and ability to perform under extremely harsh conditions.

Electric Dumpers: Sustainable and Quiet

Electric dumpsters are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dumpsters. They are ideal for use in urban areas or densely populated locations, as they emit no exhaust fumes and are considerably quieter.

Minidumpers: Compact and Agile

Mini dumpers are designed for smaller loads and confined spaces where larger dumpsters cannot operate efficiently. They are perfect for gardening and smaller construction projects.

Rigid Dumpers: Powerful Large Format Trucks

Rigid dumpers are very large dump trucks with fixed chassis construction, optimal for hauling large quantities of waste or raw materials. Their efficiency in straight, predictable routes makes them indispensable in industrial operations.

Articulated dump trucks: Flexible and Maneuverable

Articulated dump trucks, with an articulated cab and bucket, improve maneuverability on rough terrain. They are essential where flexibility and mobility are crucial, such as on complex construction sites.

Each of these dumper types plays a crucial role in modern construction and mining. Choosing the right dumper from our range can maximize efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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