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Efficient Dryers for Industrial Compressors at Machinery Resale

At Machinery Resale, we understand the importance of reliable drying systems for industrial compressors. With more than 1,500 machines in stock, we offer a wide range of dryers that can be delivered worldwide, suitable for all types of industrial applications.

Types of Dryers for Your Compressor Needs

Refrigeration Dryers

These widely used dryers cool the compressed air, allowing moisture to condense and be removed. Refrigeration dryers are perfect for general industrial applications where a standard dew point is sufficient.

Adsorption dryers

For applications requiring extremely dry air, our adsorption dryers are equipped with materials such as silica gel or activated alumina to absorb even the smallest water particles from the air.

Membrane dryers

Ideal for smaller air volumes or where energy efficiency is a priority, our membrane dryers use a selectively permeable membrane to separate moisture from the air.

Deliquescent Dryers

Excellent for remote locations without electricity, these easy-to-maintain dryers use hygroscopic chemicals to absorb moisture.

Selection Criteria for Used Dryers

Matching Capacity and Airflow.

It is essential that the capacity of the dryer matches the airflow of your compressor to ensure efficient operation and prevent moisture problems.

Dew Point Specifications

Depending on your industrial needs, the required dew point may vary. We offer dryers that achieve low dew points, necessary for critical applications such as in the food industry or pharmaceuticals.

Energy Efficiency and Maintenance

Choose a dryer that strikes a balance between energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. Our experts can help you evaluate costs over the life of the dryer.

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Need a reliable and efficient dryer for your industrial compressor? Machinery Resale has the experience and inventory to meet your needs. Contact us for personal advice and discover our worldwide delivery options. Call us at +32(0)56 61 67 01 or email sales@machineryresale.com.