Sell your machine to Machinery Resale?

  • Can you give me a quote on how much my older machine is worth and can I trade it in?

    Please contact your Machinery Resale Team and specify make, model, year, running hours, outside and technical condition of the machine. Also provide at least 3 pictures from different angles, including the interior of the machine. You can just sell it to us or exchange it for a newer model.

  • How do we value equipment ?

    To value the machines, you should first know the basics of the machine: make, model, year and operating hours. Apart from that, the value depends on optical (outside) condition and technical (inside) condition. An inspection report can help. Together with a couple of pictures, we are able to give you a buy-back price.

  • I got a quote from someone else, is this the right price for this machine?

    With over 1000 machines in stock, we can help you with your quote. Ask us to check the price and conditions for you. We may still be able to provide an alternative offer.

  • When is the right time to sell my machines?

    Optimization of the Sales Strategy for Your Machinery

    Scenarios and Their Consequences

    Choosing the moment to sell old machinery is crucial for maximizing your returns. Waiting to sell old machines will inevitably lead to a lower selling price. It is a well-known fact that the older the machine, the less value it represents in the market. There is a misconception that fully depreciated machines, which are only sporadically in use, generate pure profit.

    Correct vs. Incorrect

    Correct: Even old machines can indeed be a source of revenue for your business.
    Incorrect: It should not be overlooked that these machines often come with high maintenance or repair costs. If these machines only contribute a limited amount to the revenue, the repair costs will quickly negate the profit.
    Moreover, old machines can have a negative impact on your company's image. Customers tend to pay more for services that use more recent and reliable machines.

    Finding the Balance: Not Too Early, Not Too Late

    Selling a machine too early requires a significant effort on your part. Achieving a desired selling price requires access to a specific buyer's market, which increases marketing costs. The question arises whether this extra effort is worth it.

    Therefore, the advice is to sell your machines at the optimal moment; a principle that probably already sounds familiar to you.

    When is the Ideal Selling Moment?

    The lifespan and use of the machine play a key role in determining the right selling moment.

    Examples of Different Machines
    Excavators: A small excavator used in demolition work may already need replacement after three years. Although this period often falls under the factory warranty, experts recommend selling the machine before it is five years old.

    Generators: Generators that are used intensively can run for 2000 hours or more annually. It is advisable to sell these machines before they reach 10,000 operating hours to benefit from their residual value on the second-hand market.

    Mobile Air Compressors: These machines, which run less than 1000 hours a year, technically have a long lifespan. However, from a commercial perspective, it is recommended to sell them when they are 8 to 10 years old to ensure a reasonable selling price.

    Conclusion and Personal Advice

    If you are uncertain about the best time to sell your equipment or machine, or if you have specific questions, I am ready to provide you with more detailed examples applicable to your situation. Feel free to contact me via phone or email for personal advice.

  • Making money with your old machines

    Unlocking Hidden Capital in Your Equipment Fleet: A Strategic Approach

    The Hidden Treasure in Your Equipment Fleet

    An equipment fleet represents substantial capital, consisting of machines that were bought new, acquired through mergers, or the acquisition of entire companies. These carefully managed and maintained investments contain a "hidden treasure" of opportunities for savvy fleet managers. As remarketing specialists, we see beyond just machines; we see the potential to streamline and rejuvenate your fleet. This offers not only the chance to enhance the quality of your service with newer machines but also to free up funds for reinvestment or other business objectives.

    Streamlining the Fleet: More Than Just Selling Old Machines

    Streamlining your fleet by selling off obsolete or maintenance-heavy machines is an obvious step. However, disposing of machines with a low utilization rate also presents an opportunity for divestment. These machines, which generate little to no revenue, weigh down your cash flow and diminish the value of your fleet. By proactively divesting, you not only avoid the financial burden of depreciation but also create a source of liquidity.

    Harmonizing Your Machine Fleet

    Often, the diversity of machines, acquired through takeovers or acquisitions, results in a heterogeneous fleet with various brands. This leads to complex maintenance schedules and a need for an extensive inventory of parts. The advice, therefore, is to limit the number of brands and divest the rest. Selling these machines second-hand not only offers financial benefits but also simplifies the maintenance and management of your remaining fleet.

    The Role of a Specialist in Second-Hand Sales

    Achieving a successful divestment or fleet plan is complex and requires specific expertise. Second-hand sales are a specialized field that demands market insight, experience, and access to sales channels. Machinery Resale provides this expertise, with years of experience and up-to-date market knowledge that sets us apart from traditional traders and auction houses. We actively collaborate with you to make your divestment a success.

    Conclusion: Talk to Us About Your Fleet Management

    Optimizing your equipment fleet is a crucial aspect of fleet management that can yield significant financial benefits. By partnering with a specialist like Machinery Resale, you can not only streamline and rejuvenate your fleet but also strategically reinvest in your business. Contact us to discuss the opportunities and take your fleet management to the next level.