The largest selection of used compressor solutions at Machinery Resale

Largest dealer worldwide of used compressors

With more than four decades of industry knowledge, Machinery Resale is known as the leading global destination for used compressor solutions. As the largest dealer in the world, we have an extensive inventory of more than 1,500 machines, offering unparalleled variety and choice to our discerning customer base.

Specializing in both portable and industrial compressors, our inventory caters to a broad spectrum of applications. Our portable range extends from 0-2 m³/min [0-70 cfm] to over 30 m³/min [>1000 cfm], meeting the needs of projects of all sizes. For industrial requirements, our offerings include reciprocating compressors ranging from 0-0.5 m³/min [0-20 cfm] to over 2 m³/min [>70 cfm], as well as screw compressors from 0-2.5 m³/mn [0-90 cfm] to over 30 m³/mn [>1000 cfm].

At Machinery Resale, our commitment goes beyond just supplying equipment. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive support and expert advice to our valued customers. Our team's in-depth knowledge ensures that each customer receives customized solutions that meet their exact requirements.

Whether you need portable solutions on the go or rugged industrial compressors for heavy-duty applications, Machinery Resale has you covered. Experience our dedicated service and discover why we are the trusted choice for compressor solutions worldwide.