Making money with your old machines

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An equipment fleet absorbs a lot of money. Such a fleet is a "hidden treasure" of possibilities. We look at it from a different perspective. To us, a fleet is more than just machines. We see remarketing opportunities... A fleet reorganization will allow you to use the money you make selling your old equipment for reinvestments in equipment or for downpayments for other investments.

Selling your old (intensive care) machinery is not the only possibility. Machines with a low number of operating hours on the hour meter are often better sold than kept (disinvestment). After all, they will just cost you money... Selling your obsolete machinery will generate cash flow.

You might even have machines in your fleet that came in a merger or an acquisition. Many different makes of machinery make your maintenance programme complex and will require a larger spare parts inventory at a higher cost. Limit the number of makes. Disinvest! Sell them and make money instead! As the fleet manager of your company you can make a considerable amount of money...

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