Bulldozer for sale for a great price? Yes, at Machinery Resale!

Building roads, digging canals or raising dikes? Levelling ground or demolishing buildings? Most earth moving machines that you find for sale at Machinery Resale have already proven their abilities. Because we carefully select the bulldozers we sell - from Belgium and neighbouring countries.

Bulldozer only sold after inspection

Before we put a bulldozer up for sale, we inspect it thoroughly. Any damage is repaired, and your dozer gets a thorough cleaning. This means it works and shines like new – at an economical second-hand price.

Bulldozer: from for sale to … delivered to you, wherever you are

Another advantage of second-hand earth moving machines? ‘For sale’ means that you can literally buy it now. The same day that you visit us in Waregem, or in a very short period if you choose to have it delivered. Are you in Nanjing, Kuwait or Lima? No problem, your dozer is already on the way!

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