Dryer / Accessories

From adsorption dryer to refrigerated dryer to aftercooler

At Machinery Resale, you will find more than just your diesel or electric compressor. You can also come to us for dryers and other accessories. So you get the best compressed air quality with:

  • an aftercooler to help remove moisture and air contaminants
  • a refrigerated dryer that condenses water to separate it
  • an adsorption dryer – not to be confused with an absorption dryer – for water vapour adsorption
  • filters and water separators against water contamination
  • an air tank or air reservoir to keep the compressed air in optimal condition

Every adsorption dryer, aftercooler or air tank inspected

Most of our adsorption dryers and other accessories are second-hand. That is why we check every product thoroughly, and make any necessary repairs. In this way, you can be sure it will function properly - at the best price!

>Adsorption dryer, refrigerated dryer, aftercooler, air tank…? Discover all the dryers and accessories below.

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