Electric compressor

Electric compressor for high-quality compressed air

With an electric compressor from Machine Resale, you invest in perfect quality compressed air. The stationary compressors in our assortment compress air under exactly the correct pressure with the capacity to fit your needs. Whether if you work in the artisan sector or in industry: if you want to buy an air compressor, you are in the right place.

From screw to oil-free electric compressor

Because we primarily offer used stationary compressors for sale, our assortment is constantly changing. Looking for a screw, piston, rotary-vane or centrifugal compressor? Keep an eye on this page. If good air quality crucial for your production process, go for an oil-free, electric compressor. And you can optimise how it functions with an adsorption dryer.

Order your electric compressor from our selection of stationary compressors

See for yourself below. And select the electric compressor that provides the perfect energy source for your activity or company.

Choose your electric compressor below. Also look at our diesel compressors.

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