From pneumatic jackhammer to hydraulic hammer: Machinery Resale!

Are you looking for a hydraulic hammer to mount on your excavator? Or do you want to buy a pneumatic jackhammer and power it with a mobile compressor? You can find excellent deals at Machinery Resale: we’ve specialised in machine and accessories for over 35 years. Our selection – mostly second hand – is therefore made carefully.

Have your hydraulic hammer or pneumatic jackhammer delivered

You can find our current selection of pneumatic jackhammers, hydraulic hammers and other types of drills below. For every item, you can see the product details and the exact condition. Do you need help to make the right choice? Feel free to ask us for advice! And is it difficult for you to pick up your order in Waregem? We’ll be happy to arrange delivery for you, anywhere in the world.

>Choose your hydraulic hammer, pneumatic jackhammer or other hammer below.

>View our mobile compressors to give your pneumatic jackhammer energy.

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