Portable compressor

Second-hand compressor? Choose your diesel compressor

You can quickly install a second-hand mobile compressor or diesel compressor from Machinery Resale at your construction site or workplace. The compressed air powers your pneumatic tools and you can use all kinds of compressed air applications. Depending on the second-hand compressor that you choose, this could be sandblasting and cleaning pipe lines, heavy drilling work and deep drilling, jobs with a hammer drill of pneumatic jackhammer, quarrying and drilling water wells, etc.

Small, medium or large second-hand compressor

The larger the diesel compressor, the heavier the applications you can use it for. But you can also do a lot with a small or medium-sized second-hand compressor. These compressor models are more compact, extra efficient and easier to move.

Second-hand compressor in excellent condition

The compressors for sale at Machinery Resale are almost always second hand. The compressor is thoroughly cleaned and carefully inspected - and repaired if necessary.

Find your diesel compressor below. Also look at our stationary compressors.

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