Mini 3 - 7 t



Weight [kg]

Hours (on hour meter)



Hours (on hour meter): 4362
Year: 2016
Weight [kg]: 5210

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Medium excavators

Excavators in the weight range of 3 to 7 tons fall under the category of medium excavators. These machines offer a good balance of power, size and maneuverability, making them well suited for a wide range of applications in both construction and landscaping. Here are some key features of 3-7 ton excavators:

Performance and Flexibility.

Excavators in this weight class are more powerful than mini excavators and have more digging depth and force. They are equipped with more powerful engines and hydraulic systems that allow them to work more efficiently even in difficult conditions such as hard soil or when performing demolition work.

Dimensions and Mobility

Although larger than mini-excavators, these excavators maintain a relatively compact size, making them suitable for projects with limited space, such as urban renewal or work in residential areas. Their size provides an excellent balance between functionality and mobility, making them easy to transport between locations.

Versatility in Applications

The 3-7 ton excavators can be equipped with various attachments, such as breakers, shears, and different types of buckets. This makes them extremely versatile and capable of serving as multiple machines in one, from digging and demolition to grading and lifting.

Ease of use

These machines are designed with the operator's operation and comfort in mind, with more spacious cabs, advanced controls, and often climate control. This helps to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity over long workdays.

Durability and Maintenance

Built to be durable, these excavators can handle heavy workloads and remain reliable with regular maintenance. They are designed for easy maintenance, with easy access to engine compartments and other maintenance points.

Economic Efficiency

These machines offer a good balance between initial investment and operating costs, including fuel consumption, making them a cost-effective choice for many businesses.

Examples of Popular Models and Manufacturers

Manufacturers such as JCB, Kubota, Hitachi, Caterpillar, Volvo, and Komatsu offer strong options in this category.

In summary, the 3-7 ton excavators are powerful, versatile, and mobile solutions for a wide range of construction and landscape projects. They provide the power needed for tough jobs while still being easy to handle and transport.