A good deal on a generator? At Machinery Resale!

Buying a generator from Machinery Resale comes down to striking a bargain. Our assortment primarily consists of carefully selected second-hand models. All fixed up for you at competitive prices.

Buying an open or silent generator? Buy emergency or mobile electrical power unit?

It is not a good idea to buy a generator at random. No, it is better to buy the electrical generator that exactly meets your needs:

  • a mobile generator that you can move easily – for example for your construction site or festival
  • an emergency power supply unit that saves your skin in the event of a power failure – crucial for large companies, hospitals and rest homes
  • a light tower that provides excellent lighting for your (exterior) space - for example a car park, storage space or construction site
  • a PTO generator that is powered by a tractor – ideal for agriculture and horticulture
  • a generator with an extra large diesel tank – for longer-term use

If you using the generator in a residential area, we recommend buying a silenced generator.

Buying a generator with worldwide delivery

If you buy a generator today, it will be on the way tomorrow - to anywhere in the world!

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